Payment Method
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Please fill out this page by printing it first, or if you choose, you may fill it out first
 and than print it. (Merchandise Return Label at the Bottom of  this Page.)
Turnaround is 6 to 7 work days once we receive your shoes.
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By Check (to Newsole)   Money Order    Visa    Master Card


Full Name



City      State    Zip Code

Day Phone    Home Phone

Card Number     Expiration Date

All resoling includes heels, refurbishing and general repairs)
Quantity     Type of repair requested

    Spenco Insoles  (optional)... $10.00 



           Shipping and Handling, Please add   $20.00

           For Boots...........................   $24.00

           Additional pair.......  Please add $8.00    Total  $

           Further comments and return address if different from cardholder Information.

Merch. Return Label                        

Simply cut out the label below  by printing it first.
Fill in your return address and tape it to the front of the package.
Please note that all postage fees will be billed to us once you affix
this label to your package. Your shipping and handling fee includes
freight to and from our center.